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The TOUCH-ME club has been around for almost 11 years and from the steadily increasing number of people joining our parties, this shows us that our concept is growing in popularity.

We have built a good reputation for ourselves within the swinging lifestyle scene, far beyond the country's borders.

Inside TOUCH-ME, our highly sensual ambience provides everyone with the best conditions to find a charming friendship and enjoy the sensuality, eroticism, lust for sex and a relaxed togetherness, resulting in a nice all-round experience.

We welcome all those who are interested, sophisticated and tolerant, be they solo ladies, couples, or solo lords.

We are happy to accompany newcomers in taking their first steps into a new way of life.

Re-awaking her lust for eroticism.

We strive to organize great swinger evenings, by arranging the appropriate numbers of ladies and gentlemen that attend our parties.

Our parties start at 8 pm (admission until 10 pm at the latest !!) and end around 1 am. Our address is: 9020 Klagenfurt, Gabelsbergerstrasse 11

However, we reserve the right to end the parties earlier, but only when there are not enough guests.

We ask that people who want to attend our parties, reserve their entrance by TELEPHONING us to reserve, or sending us a request via Whatsapp on +43 650 2206360.

We are happy to accept registrations every day between 5 pm and 8 pm.

For those people who like to be spontaneous, there is the possibility to visit us WITHOUT PRE-REGISTRATION (Admission only until 10 pm!!).

However, in order not to disturb the existing balance between men and women attendees, we reserve the right, in each case, to decide whether we can accommodate you or not.

Furthermore, we will not allow access to people who are intoxicated, unkempt and those unsuitable people, those who do not fit into the overall grouping of the evening!!